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Bloomio Solar Garden Bundle

  • Pick up our Bloomio Solar Garden Bundle today to instantly upgrade your outdoor living space with both of our fun and sustainable Bloomio lanterns! The first ever LuminAID product line to feature Bluetooth connectivity through our free app, Bloomio debuts tons of cool new features that you never thought were possible for portable lights. We created the Solar Garden Bundle so that you can fully enjoy the experience of owning the smartest lights out there.

    The Bloomio Solar Garden Bundle features two brand new products, whose origami-inspired designs self-inflate into unique shapes.

    You will receive with your order:

    • 1x Bloomio Gem - $74.99
      • Dimensions when inflated: 9.5" L x 9.5" H x 5.5" W.
    • 2x Bloomio Twists - 49.99
      • Dimensions when inflated: 5.5" L x 5.75" H x 5" W.