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May 29, 2017

Backpacker Magazine features the PackLite Nova as one of the best new lanterns to take on the trail in 2017. The PackLite Nova was put to the field test, and came out shining. Why the PackLite Nova? Here’s the top 5 reasons why it’s perfect for backpackers:

Lighter than an apple

Weighing in at 5 oz, the PackLite Nova solar lantern won’t weigh down your pack. Many camp lanterns on the market weigh in between 7 oz and a few pounds. But with the PackLite Nova,  efficient solar panels replace heavy batteries, lightening your load -- literally.

Backpack-friendly design

The lantern packs flat to under 1” thick--easy to slip in your bag, or clip on the outside. But a creative design means it expands to diffuse light in a 4 x 4” cube. The “easy-to-handle, flat-pack cube” is ideal for easy packing, according to Backpacker Magazine. The lantern stands alone on a table or can be hung from an adjustable strap for ambient lighting.

You hike, the lantern charges

A last-minute clip to your pack before you hit the trail translates into hours of light when you pitch camp. With a higher efficiency solar panel than previous models, daylight hours are put to quick use--about 10 hours will fully charge the PackLite Nova.

One 8-person teepee = one lantern

So is it bright enough? Backpacker Magazine notes “ 5-ounce lantern put out enough soft white light for dinner and domino games in our group’s eight-person teepee.” The newest model shines up to 75 lumens instead of the previous 65.

Rain-proof, river-proof

Like all LuminAID solar lanterns, the PackLite Nova is entirely waterproof, which means no problems for even rainy hikes in South American jungles (or a night accidentally left on the porch in the rain). LuminAID solar lights were designed to withstand disaster zones, so they’re definitely trail-worthy.

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