Announcing the Pack Line! - LuminAID Lab

February 01, 2015

When we created LuminAID's original solar inflatable light as students, we knew we eventually wanted to extend the technology to new shapes and performance parameters for different applications. It is exciting to take things to the next level and introduce three new lights in the Pack Line: the PackLite 16, the PackLite 12, and the PackLite Spectra. These products are all available for preorder in our shop now -- the PackLite 16 will start shipping next week, and the PackLite 12 and PackLite Spectra will ship in late March. The PackLite 16 is the new and updated version of our original light -- it has double the wattage, an extra-bright mode, and a 32+ hour emergency flash.  The PackLite 12 and PackLite Spectra use a brand new shape -- a cube-shaped lantern with a twist-to-close feature and adjustable handle.  The PackLite 12 provides up to 12 hours of light, with a 32+ hour emergency flash as well, and the PackLite Spectra changes colors.  We are excited to extend our technology in these new directions and can't wait to hear what you think!

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