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Placing an Order on

I need help with my order!

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Do you offer wholesale pricing for group orders?

Shipping and returns

About Your Light

How big is a LuminAID light?

How bright are LuminAID lights?

What is my light made of?

What is PVC and why is it important that the LuminAID lights are PVC-free?

What is the difference between lumens and watts?

Can I personalize or custom print my light?

Care and Usage

How do I adjust settings or turn my light on/off?

Is the LuminAID waterproof? Can I submerge it?

What temperatures can my light operate under?

Can I recycle my LuminAID light?

Why is my light not lasting very long?

What happens if my light doesn't turn on?

Inflating your light

Why do my lights inflate?

How do I inflate my LuminAID light?

Charging your light

How do I charge my light?

How do I know if my LuminAID light is recharging?

Can I recharge it in a window or on cloudy days? What about the winter?

Is the battery replaceable?

How long will a full charge last in my light?

How long does a LuminAID light hold a charge in storage?

What's that red LED on the front of my LuminAID light?

How do the green charging indicator LEDs work?

My product has a micro-USB input. What should I use to recharge it?

Making an Impact

How can I support LuminAID's Give Light mission?

What comes in a Give Light, Get Light package?

Do you have a special program for Peace Corps volunteers?


How can I contact you via phone?

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