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LuminAID Reviews

Solar Inflatable Lanterns for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Don't take our word for it, read our customer reviews!


Best for camping & hurricane season
    "So far this light has been amazing! I live in south Texas near the coast where we lose power quite often if hurricane season is bad enough. During the rest of the year my husband & I are National Park campers. I can’t count how many times people have asked about our lantern. Great product that I recommend to people daily. Not to mention the humanitarian work this company does to help natural disaster areas. "
    Crystal R.
    Excellent solar light
      "I really am happy with the 2 luminaire light’s I bought. The light last’s for hour’s after charging with the sun for a time.we took them on a camping trip, and were very pleased with them."
      Helene M.
      Great Product
        "These lights are wonderful. They'll be used for camping but will also be added to my bad weather emergency kit. I live in an earthquake area and the USB charging port will became important if we ever need to evacuate."
        Nancy C.
        LuminAid is perfect for camping and makes a wonderful gift
          "We’re very pleased"
          alexis t.
          Lighting for camping trips
            "A wonderful experience and product. Product is my second light purchase. very happy"
            mike B.
            PackLite Max 2-in-1
              "Bought one for me and one for my husband. He's used his to charge his phones and hearing aids already just to test how it works. I'm saving mine for opening fishing. I've loved all the LuminAID products I've purchased, and can't wait to use these for all our outdoors adventures!"
              10,000 S.
              Works great!
                "I've been planning to use this for my trip abroad and am very pleased with how it works. Simple and easy."
                Joshua D.
                happy camper
                  "Very happy with our new light. I even bought 1 for each of my daughters."
                  Sue E.
                  New customer. Very Happy.
                    "Lasted for the entire night. Great product."
                    Michael A.
                      "The LuminAID works great and it is so light And easy to travel with. I have used it to change my phone and camera. It is a wonderful addition to my life."
                      Karen M.
                      liminaid light pack
                        "Really like them. Will be useful at barn, camping and at house when we lose power from snow storms. "
                        Peggy J.
                        Give Light, Get Light!
                          "We haven't needed to use ours yet, but we charged it up to try It out. Played with it a bit, and my hubby was impressed. So am I! It's on a shelf waiting to be needed. Excited to try it at bonfires and camping. It's a great diffuse light, not a "poke in the eye" light like a flashlight. Best part, one just like mine has gone to someone who NEEDS light! Thanks for an awesome product! Beth"
                          Beth H.
                            "Perfect for our camping trip. Gave them as gifts to family. Big hit. "
                            Mariano H.
                              "I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to make the phone charger work cause I was pushing the button above the usb port, but that's sorted now The thing is awesome. I have a phobia of the dark and live off grid as a permanent traveller a lot of the time. It's bright, charges in dim conditions, durable. What's not to like? Thank you."
                              Alan K.
                              Best look out light up commpany on the globe!
                                "Our farmers market in Sugar House Utah love this device and the wealth of functions it provides!!"
                                Ramiro F.
                                useful and fun for my grandkids
                                  "it was as advertised and I'm sure that the grandchildren will love it when it reaches them in D.C."
                                  Edward M.
                                  great product
                                    "very easy to use, lightweight, and gives off a lot of light - definitely a keeper!"
                                    Kim T.
                                    Totally illuminating!!
                                      "I love using this light!! I use it in my first grade classroom during writing. I turn off all the harsh lights and turn on the luminAID. It’s the perfect light to inspire young writers . Thank you for all you do!! "
                                      Emily D.
                                      Great Lights
                                        "They are bright and eliminate a large area. I can hardly wait to use them camping!! Great invention!"
                                        Becky P.
                                        Great idea
                                          "My plan is to take it along to the beach for my grandkids this summer. Presently though, they think the whole solar charger thing is a pretty cool idea."
                                          Judith S.
                                          Love it!
                                            "I love this light and phone charger! Especially knowing it's there if we have a power outage. Brilliant!"
                                            Debbie M.
                                            Big lite for dark nites
                                              "We have not yet had enough sun to fully charge but the lite from the lantern is wonderful"
                                              Linda H.
                                              Fabulous Upgrade!!!
                                                "Through Kickstarter I invested in the original Packlite Max 2 in 1 light & phone charger. They work well in multiple situations & are eco friendly!!! These Hero 2 in 1 lights & chargers are brighter, have greater battery capacity & are just as durable & easy to use as the originals, a significant upgrade! I’m extremely pleased with them!🎉🎊👍😁💡"
                                                Dr S.
                                                Enjoy your product
                                                  "A gift for my camping son"
                                                  virginia m.
                                                  Not a camper but - - -
                                                    "Fun and shine at night. A great way to enjoy the evening. "
                                                    Martha G.
                                                    Love the product. Love the company.
                                                      "I've had a few LuminAID lights for my kids and I as we often camp. These lights are PERFECT. They are compact for easy transportation and when inflated, are bright, easy to carry AND WATERPROOF. Perfect!!!"
                                                      Rob M.
                                                      Perfect! Such a cool idea!
                                                        "Perfect! Such a cool idea! I can’t wait to purchase the star and the gem!!! "
                                                        Susan P.
                                                        So excited to use these!
                                                          "I can't wait to use these they seem so cool!"
                                                          Kristine M.
                                                          Great product
                                                            "This is a great product, innovative, technology and very efficient website "
                                                            Jim S.
                                                            Loving BRILLIANT Luminaid lights
                                                              "We love our new Luminaid lights and can't wait to show them to friends and family. Our first visit will be to our granddaughter's Montessori class. Thanks to the inventors for such a brilliant lighting product idea. They are great! We bought the 3-pack bundle and as soon as they arrived, we got them charged up in the sun and inflated them and fell in love with them. Kudos, Luminaid!"
                                                              Cecilia M.