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LuminAID Reviews

Solar Inflatable Lanterns for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Don't take our word for it, read our customer reviews!


What a great item
    "Love it especially as we get a fair amount of wind causing power failure. Much safer and easier than czndles"
    Lee S.
    Christmas Gift
      "I purchased LuminAid light in October to use for Holloween. Then I purchased a Shark Tank Bundle for my son for Christmas. We both loved the lamps. I also purchased another Shark Tank Bundle in Jan for myself. This is a very good and useful product."
      John N.
        "Great I appreciate the excellent service "
        John B.
        LuminAID 3-in-1 lantern/phone charger
          "Amazing product, it really works!! And great customer service: my first one had a manufacturing flaw and LuninAid responded immediate to correct the problem, thanks!!"
          Hanna H.
          great product, get yours now!!!
            "I was impressed with the quality of the light that came from this product on all settings. it is great to have the option of being able to have it very bright to dim. I especially love the fact you can charge a cell phone as well. 3 of these units will be going to help school children in Haiti and one for our use in our out house with no hydro, or camping."
            Bonnie M.
            This is Amazing!
              "Looking forward to ordering more for family and paying it forward."
              Angela H.
              Love it
                "I live in the middle of nowhere no neighbors when we lose power I can count on these lights"
                Kathy V.
                Just Amazing
                  "We love our lights from LuminAID. Great for camping and light on the dock or boat"
                  Candace C.
                  Great portable light
                    "Love my solar light. Can’t wait to take it with me camping."
                    Lawrence S.
                    The LuminAID light is so cool(Great)
                      "One in my car, one in a dark closet and 2 for camping. I love them."
                      paul y.
                      Love this! Xmas gift of the year.
                        "The lights are bright, easy to use and spread the love. Gave them to nephews, friends and parents. "
                        Melissa H.
                        Gift of the year at our house!
                          "The light is great, simple and we like the phone charge option too. "
                          Melissa H.
                          Wonderful product.
                            "Positive. Thank you."
                            Angela M.
                            Great product
                              "This really is a fantastic light. MUCH better than any flashlight in a power outage."
                              James G.
                              Love the Light, Love the Giving
                                "I loved giving this light as a gift this year - my niece loves it and will put it to use camping and during any power outages. I've used mine repeatedly, indoor and outside. (I do have to replace mine though... my dog thought it was great fun to play with, lol) Your "Give Light, Get Light" program is such a wonderful philosophy and lets customers join you in doing good throughout the world. Thank you!"
                                pat s.
                                Unique & Useful Gift
                                  "I haven't used it in an emergency or camping yet; however, my family members were very excited about their gifts. I also purchased one for myself. We've tested it out, and it seems pretty neat! "
                                  Heather S.
                                    "These were a gift and not for my use! "
                                    Barbara B.
                                    I love giving these as gifts!
                                      "I LOVE your lights. I have given them as gifts to my kids and my nieces and nephews. I feel great that they have such a great safety device they can take anywhere with them. "
                                      Gail K.
                                      Another great product
                                        "Always love them and have given as gifts in the past. A useful product wherever you live."
                                        Tammy C.
                                          "Was a great Christmas present. "
                                          Norman D.
                                          I really like the Luminaid and a friend has already baught 3
                                            "great ,working well"
                                            Gavin W.
                                            Light Up My Life
                                              "This is a great emergency light. Just a few days after receiving my 4th lamp, My neighbor came over to saying his power had been turned off. He plugged in some items from my house and I provided him two lamps. He really like how bright they were got him through until the next day when the power was returned. "
                                              Philip S.
                                              For a future teacher
                                                "I got this light for my grandson who is in college to be an English teacher. I explained all the potential uses for this light as well as the LuminAid philosophy and he was very impressed. I have purchased at least five of these BOGO packages as gifts for friends and relatives and will continue to do so until everyone has one. I personally love my LuminAid FireFly lantern and use it all the time during my motorcycle adventure touring/camping trips. I just love this product. Keep up the good work."
                                                John A.
                                                The product looks great
                                                  "I haven't had to use it yet - will be for emergency use if necessary but it looks very nice full size and lit up. I like that I can control the brightness - I think it is an excellent product"
                                                  Cindy J.
                                                  Love the Light
                                                    "I really love the confidence in knowing that no matter how bad the situation- My family will have light... this is a great product!"
                                                    Tom B.
                                                    PackLite Max 2-in-1
                                                      "Fab times infinity"
                                                      Conrad D.
                                                      Christmas Gift
                                                        "I gave the Shark Tank Bundle to my Son for Christmas. He does allot of camping with the Boy Scouts. I thought these lanterns would be easier to backpack in the woods than older model Butane lanterns."
                                                        John N.
                                                        Family Slade
                                                          "We have taken a 10 pac of lights to Africa and given each of our 4 children lights for camping and emergency. They are reliable, shed lots of light when needed and easy to charge and set up. I would highly recommend these lights to any one. The rural villages in Africa were especially impressed and grateful for the lights."
                                                          Colleen S.
                                                          Good stuff
                                                            "This is just the tool for when you need light in a power outage, you are working remote and things break down. It can charge your cell phone and provide enough light to read and repair the generator."
                                                            Jeff B.
                                                            Awesome product
                                                              "I have been following luminAID since Shark Tank. This was the right product to cover a “gift” and “donation” in one."
                                                              Blake W.