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LuminAID Reviews

Solar Inflatable Lanterns for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Don't take our word for it, read our customer reviews!


    "Excellent product and I would definitely recommend it to family and friends- I already have."
    rebecca d.
    Christmas gifts
      "Bought these for stocking stuffers for Christmas. "
      Joanne K.
      Great light
        "The light is quite bright without being harsh because the cover is frosted. I haven’t needed to use the USB. charger yet "
        Katherine M.
          "Love it. Doesn’t stay charged as long as I thought it would. Have to charge every other day. Used about 3-4 hours a night. "
          Lisa J.
          Can't live without them!
            "I have used these in travel to third-world countries where power can sometimes be iffy. These have helped me tremendously. 1 provides enough light to cover a hotel room. I love their ease in packing and the tremendous light output for their size. Won't leave home without them!"
            Jayne M.
            Warranty replacement
              "Great product and service. Light circuit went faulty but was replaced free of charge. "
              Hermen K.
              Great for camping!!
                "My grandsons love them!!!"
                Connie B.
                Perfect for tent or pop up
                  "I initially bought the Firefly to carry in the backpack when we hike in remote areas. I figured in an emergency it could recharge our phones or, if we were really off the map, provide a flashing beacon for emergency services. But it also turns out to be the best kind of light for a tent. The hanging strap fastened the light overhead so we could read in bed, then collapsed to nothing to store. It’s bright and lightweight and made it through a week of rainy evenings without running down or shorting out. I loved it enough that I ordered two more for friends."
                  Caroline O.
                    "I love it ! So handy and perfect for the beach... I am very happy"
                    Dorathy S.
                    Great light not so great charger
                      "The light was great but I couldn’t get the usb to charge anything even after 2 full days in the sun. "
                      Javier M.
                      Packlite Nova USB
                        "Reliable and practical. I appreciate the battery life indicator and USB charging port. "
                        Leo L.
                        Grandkids loved them
                          "Good. The other kids thought they were cool. "
                          Darlene B.
                          I’ve seen the light!
                            "This product is top quality. Congratulations. "
                            AnnMarie S.
                            Brilliant little lantern!
                              "Great for navigating trails at night, providing pleasant ambient light for the group area, strong lighting for cooking and reading; and, the new Firefly setting is a warm, soothing, candle-like light for bedtime. Perfect in every way!"
                              Elizabeth J.
                                "Great, I bought these as presents for a family and the kids and adults LOVED them!"
                                Sue P.
                                Packlite Spectra review
                                  "I love these lights! My partner and I go to lots of camping festivals during summer and we like to hang our Packlite Spectra lights from our marquee. The two I purchased initially have been so perfect I've just purchased two more, and bought some for my friends to hang around there newly installed inground swimming pool. Thanks Luminaid! Love your work."
                                  Genna F.
                                    "I lost the unit before I could use it"
                                    Bill E.
                                    Fab light!
                                      "I've loved using my light on my patio; I haven't even had the chance to take it out for real yet! I also can see it being a valuable tool if there were a large earthquake (I live in CA). My friend Sunny Stroeer told me about LuminAID and I'm so glad she did. I'd love to bring these to folks in remote areas when I travel, as she did. :) "
                                      Lisa M.
                                      I give you five stars
                                        "I give you five stars . I purchased the light for my emergency container and removed my flashlights which are very heavy. I have tried it out and it's perfect. I also love the fact that you designed it for areas of the world that don't have the same necessities that we have. Keep up the good work."
                                        Mary L.
                                          "I am using the lights in my pool and they are great. What a terrific idea. Keep up the great work ladies, you have a winner!"
                                          William I.
                                          Light review
                                            "Love rhe light love that you give to families thst need the light would recommend "
                                            Christina C.
                                              "It is great. We haven't used it yet as we are awaiting power outages due to our yearly monsoon season. We will be ready!"
                                              Suzanne G.
                                                "My son used 2 at scout camp. No need for batteries, light weight, water proof (Thank God) and provides lots of light for a standard canvas 2 person Scout tent. "
                                                Greg K.
                                                Enjoying it so far!
                                                  "I was attracted to the uniqueness, versatility, and capabilities of this light and hope to have it for many years. I enjoy how this can help one go "off the grid without losing the grid" in that your phone/device can remain charged with the lamp acting as a vessel for solar energy. The compactness and fact that it's waterproof make it great for travel. Out of the package everything seems to be working fine; the different modes all work well and provide adequate lighting for my needs. The only negative comment I can make regarding quality is that the orange felt fabric that covers the handle was already peeling off when I opened the packaging. I feel that it may get worse so I might try to re-adhere it to the handle, though this is not a huge deal to me because it does not affect the functionality of the lamp."
                                                  kevin b.
                                                  Simply the best
                                                    "Still only using/ trying this light and so far it’s doing its job well. Great idea and perfect to pack in any location "
                                                    Iain T.
                                                    Awesome product
                                                      "This light and charger is amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone!"
                                                      Mindi K.
                                                      love the light
                                                        "I bought one for myself and one for a friend. We are very happy with our lights. I am using mine instead of a flashlight in my home. I like that I can put the lantern down and free up both hands to do something without having to turn on the house lights. Already had it in the pool, too."
                                                        Elora M.
                                                        Lumin perfect for lookout
                                                          "The first time I was able to use it was for an overnighter in a lookout. It gave off the perfect light at night to fill the room to be able cook and play cards. "
                                                          Britt C.
                                                          The light that helps light the world
                                                            "Thanks for allowing me to enjoy this wonderful lamp. More than that, thanks for the honor to be a part of the journey to extend this light to those areas darkened by disasters. "
                                                            Henry C.
                                                              "still in box .have not used .will try it out soon thanks "
                                                              paul c.