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LuminAID Reviews

Solar Inflatable Lanterns for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Don't take our word for it, read our customer reviews!


Absolutely Love Them!
    "Ease of use, a child can operate these. I bought another set for stocking stuffers."
    jayne S.
    Not just for Halloween!
      "I bought 6 of these. One for every family member to make a pumpkin. They are so adorable. And once Halloween is over we have lights to use for camping or power outages! I absolutely LOVE all the luminAid products! I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!"
      Jaclin H.
        "I bought these for my favorite little persons for Halloween. They love them. I’m obsessed with your products. Getting ready to stock up for Christmas. "
        ELIZABETH D.
        I love LuminAID
          "They are great! I bought a few of these last year for Halloween then gave them to my son (now 26) to take back with for camp - he works there. This year I bought 3 without the stickers (they weren't available so I bought black cat stickers separately ) then when the Halloween stickers were available I bought more. They will hang along my outside handrail. While I use them as decorations, it is nice to have them here in case of an emergency. They are safer than candles, and will attract more attention in an emergency with their changing light color cycle. Plus, when you don't need them, they fold down flat. Try one, I think you might buy more."
          Jeanne A.
          Love it!
            "Will use in on the 31st"
            Sherrill G.
            Excellent product and excellent service
              "I love these lights and chargers. I run a small charity We have purchased your solar lights for the children we support in Kenya and they have made a big difference in helping them do their homework in the evening. I can’t recommend them enough. Well done it is a great design. "
              Stella A.
              J'ai besoin de la lampe de j'ai acheté qui peut recharger mon cellulaire.
                "Très bien, very well, "
                Hilaire P.
                A Night Light for the modern Grand child
                  "The LuminAID was everything that I had expected and my Grand Daughter loves it. The fact that she can change the color of the light and watch it charge in the day has really attracted her attention."
                  Leslie A.
                  LuminAid has set a new standard
                    "I have purchased several Packlites as gifts for friends and for an auction to be held in December by our Open Space Council - the purpose of which is to protect and promote lands set aside as permanent Open Spaces for all to enjoy. I am a real fan of you and Andrea and hope others will join in and find new ways to do more with less. Best wishes Ron Nuetzel "
                    Ronald N.
                    I haven't used it yet
                      "I bought this and put it into my earthquake emergency kit. I hope to never have to use it, but knowing that it's there is reassuring."
                      Christine R.
                      Great light for outdoors
                        "I have an older solar light but the housing is clear, the opaque housing on this light provides nicer dispersion of the light."
                        Linda D.
                          "Ordered as gifts. Perfect gifts. Pain-to-buy-for recipients will appreciate your awesome product and especially your worldwide community service. I appreciate both, along with your really nice website and engaging emails. Well done. … and the lights came already charged. "
                          Jean T.
                          This is the best!
                            "I am blind in one eye and I use my Hero to help me see at night. Its a GOD send!"
                            Joe R.
                              "I live where Ms. Florence went through with her wind and rain. I didn't have the lights I ordered from luminAid yet. But I vowed to put together an emergency kit for the future so I ordered the lights (1 Backlight Hero 2-in-1 Super Charger, 1 PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger, and 2 PackLite Nova USB) and a solar generator. When the lights arrived I of course opened and played with them. They arrived 3/4s charged. My wife and I were very surprised and impressed with their brightness. I charged an iPhone X and sat them around the living room and dining room. Plenty of light to read, play games, and just about anything you would want to do. I then fully charged the 4 and packed (amazing how small they collapsed) them away in my emergency kit. Obviously I can't speak as to how long they will actually illuminate but because of the superb construction,I feel confident they will get the job done for us. I have recommended them to our family and friends."
                              Mike P.
                              Good thing to have in hurricane kit
                                "Haven’t had any need to use it yet."
                                Rose J.
                                Lumenaid purchase
                                  "Purchased 6 to use mostly as gifts. Opened 2 for use on beach. One worked great, the other had a defective air valve and would not inflate. Valve was cracked and looked as if had been superglued back together. Unsure about other unposed lights."
                                  Anne R.
                                  Slow but worth waiting for
                                    "It took quite a few days of full sun to charge up the first time. But the light is enjoyably bright, even on the lowest setting, and the blow-up box is versatile and helps to increase the reach. The fact that it's waterproof helps ALOT! "
                                    Lois H.
                                      "Amazing but a useful thing would be a light to know it was charging properly in the sun"
                                      Elliot R.
                                      Great product for camping
                                        "Purchased this for camping and it worked perfectly. It was a hit at my campsite."
                                        Marcie P.
                                        Awesome Gaget!
                                          "It’s super easy to handle and he light is so much brighter thank I expected!"
                                          Carla C.
                                          super good
                                            "perfect, all that I could ask for and more!"
                                            Ken T.
                                            Seems great
                                              "I haven’t had much experience with this new product but I’ve had a couple of the other packlite products in the past. Overall I’ve really liked them but did have the experience of one of them springing a leak… probably from folding and unfolding too many times. I do hope that the plastic has been tweaked a bit since then so that won’t be an issue with this one."
                                              Beeara E.
                                              saw it used, bought it loved it
                                                "Love the product. Easy to use, and i love the light intensity options"
                                                Elisheva N.
                                                Convenient and Innovative solution
                                                  "The Pack lite max charger is a convenient way to charge your phone and provides great light and uses solar power, simply wonderful "
                                                  Judith F.
                                                  Negative experience
                                                    "Last year about this time I purchased one of your larger lights and it broke after 6 weeks of occasional use.since I live outside the country in winter I couldn't do anything until I returned in May.Too late for a refund so I was given store credit.The only choice I had was to get a smaller light for the same price.The reason for the failure of the light was,I felt,too many switch positions,as the light was charging but the switch would no longer work.So now I have a smaller light for the same price,30$,kind of a high price for what I got.So I'm not happy with the whole thing."
                                                    cheri m.
                                                    A light for anywhere
                                                      "Love this light. Use it inside and out. The current purchase is a gift for family to use on their new deck. BTW, hello to your Mom; we went to Smith together!"
                                                      Jeanne L.
                                                      Excellent product.
                                                        "I have used before when our power was out and it was wonderful! Allowed us light in the evening and again in the morning to have light to get ready for work by."
                                                        Cherie D.
                                                          "very unique product"
                                                          michael r.
                                                          LuminAID light/charger is the way to go
                                                            "The LuminAID light/charger fits the bill for backcountry or even emergency lighting when the power goes out. It is also capable of charging your small electronic devices. Best of all, no batteries are required!"
                                                            Steven T.
                                                            Gifts of Light
                                                              "I've been buying LuminAID products for several years ... I love them for camping, night walks, emergencies, pool lighting, mood lighting and gifts. Especially for the minimalists in my life!! These products are well constructed and are a great value. "
                                                              Nanette W.