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LuminAID Reviews

Solar Inflatable Lanterns for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Don't take our word for it, read our customer reviews!


Power outage anticipation
    "We live in Central Florida and I bought most of these to give as Christmas gifts. I've charged one and am keeping it beside my bed for emergencies!"
    Bill a.
    No light to review.
      "Seems USPO has lost my recent order. Supposedly LuminAID staff is sending out replacements. Most annoying. "
      Clifton L.
      Packlite Nova
        "Perfect! Will be a fave for all that find them in their stocking this year."
        Sherry H.
        Great light
          "Nice for backpacking "
          Darin H.
          Customer service
            "My first light had the switch fail.. I answered one of your “marketing oriented “ Emails with my complaint. That Email was forwarded to the service group where they contacted me and replaced my light. I know that is what is supposed to happen, but it rarely does these days.. You folks actually read customer responses and provide a great experience.. That is why we own 4 and have purchased 2 more as presents.. "
            Richard L.
            Love these lights!
              "Love that they are so lightweight and love the colors"
              Cindy L.
                "I can't get enough of these. Make great gifts too."
                jayne S.
                  "It is a Xmas gift, so I have no feedback for you! Sorry. But my granddaughter has one which she used on a hike in Spain.think she loved it!"
                  Karen S.
                  PackLife Max 2 in 1 phone charger
                    "Great in every respect"
                    Susan M.
                    Love it
                      "I just bought two -- one for me, and one for my son, who will be visiting shortly from his home in Australia (so we'll have an early Christmas). I love the lights and the idea behind them. Mine seems well-designed and well-constructed. The illumination is ample with no glare. Great for emergencies or simply outdoor use in the evening."
                      Cotten S.
                      You'll Need This
                        "Natural disasters always make us prepare. Now, think about man made disasters, car accidents that destroy electric poles, camping, fishing, out walking at night, in the city or woods . . . . too many times this product can (and has been) be used"
                        kenneth s.
                        Give light to those in need!
                          "Great and useful item, this was a donation for hurricane relief. "
                          Twila J.
                          I want to send LuminAid as donated gifts for Christmas, how about a card
                            "I have used the basic light and not the one with the USP ports. I would like to donate some for Christmas as to send a card acknowledging the donation to various groups. Do you have a donation acknowledgement card that I can send as a Christmas Present. My sister took my lamp to Costa Rica and left it there as a gift.. My friends and family have enough stuff but like to know that I have donated something on their honor."
                            Peggy B.
                            See Your Way, Charge your Phone and Feel Good Doing It.
                              "Fantastic Device for Lighting and Charging your Electronics. Totally makes you feel good when using it"
                              Michael T.
                              Great product!
                                "I’m giving the light as a Christmas gift, so I have not used it yet, but I think my son will love it! He’s a big camper."
                                Cynthia K.
                                Blowup Sunshine
                                  "Love the PackLight and all of the products I've purchased from LuminAid. I don't just use these lights for emergency, though they are super when the power is out! The sun does all of work and happily I can illuminate the night when camping, night swimming or just being conservative with my home energy consumption and leaving the lights off. "
                                  Nanette W.
                                  PackLite Hero
                                    "Excellent, the light coverage is amazing, not only did it illuminate my tent but also the surrounding area, which helped with erecting the other tents for the Scouts."
                                    Matthew F.
                                      "NIce and useful"
                                      Xavier C.
                                        "Enjoy using the light and that we can contribute to others in need."
                                        Douglas R.
                                        Love your product
                                          "Gave as a gift to an older person who loves fishing and hunting and has to run generator sometimes just for light and cooking. This way he has a light at night and can charge his phone while he sleeps."
                                          MARY B.
                                          The first 3 were lost
                                            "The first 3 were lost with everything"
                                            Eleanor H.
                                            The Hero
                                              "I now have 3 Hero,s. I keep one in my truck incase of an emergency."
                                              Joe R.
                                              Neat Product!
                                                "This little light is great, compact and is bright! "
                                                Jennifer F.
                                                Great nitelight for Grand Children
                                                  "Kids fight over it when they visit,so got one for them for Christmas!"
                                                  gary z.
                                                  Loved these since day one!
                                                    "This one makes number 7 for us. Very happy with them. "
                                                    Arthur H.
                                                    Halloween Package
                                                      "Loved it, used it for Halloween light in front of our house…."
                                                      Jennifer E.
                                                      Very practical
                                                        "Very practical "
                                                        Jean-Pierre L.
                                                        Halloween Lights
                                                          "Great. Grand kids enjoyed them while out after dark."
                                                          Donald D.
                                                          So happy to have discovered this.
                                                            "It changed what would have been a negative experience."
                                                            Diane R.
                                                            Awesome product and customer service.
                                                              "I ordered 2 Packlite Nova 2 USB lights and one failed right from the get go and with one email to customer and an extremely fast reply my light was replaced. Excellent product and outstanding customer service. "
                                                              Christopher Y.