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LuminAID Reviews

Solar Inflatable Lanterns for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Don't take our word for it, read our customer reviews!


Love it!
    "Gifted two this Christmas, both were well received and they instantly set them out to charge."
    Elizabeth B.
    Great product, great cause.
      "Love the light. We lose power here during storms and it’s nice to know I have a light available that does not depend on batteries. It doesnt stand up straight on any surface because the inflator is situated on the bottom but it can be hung. I even carried it out to my compost one night to light the way. Love that it can use either USB or solar to charge the unit. "
      Cynthia F.
      For a cyclist
        "My cousin’s husband loves it. I thought he would be able to use it for when he does his night time cycling with his friends, and has used it to light up the area where he handles his gear, as well as when they hang out after with some beers."
        Diana N.
        Handy to have around
          "Good for a number of uses - handy when the power goes out. Holds it charge for a long time too. "
          Charles M.
          Best light ever
            "Really powerful light great for fall and winter evenings walks "
            Grzegorz L.
            These will be gifts. After I
              "These will be gifts. After I received my Kickstarter package of lights I was impressed and ready to share with others."
              laurie n.
              I have no idea-- it's
                "I have no idea-- it's a gift and will be opened by someone else at Christmas!"
                Nancy L.
                Review from Lantern Light
                  "So far so good, been testing out your gear outdoors and under working conditions for my Locating work at night, better than carrying a regular flashlight, never have to worry about batteries with your lanterns. BTW an old friend of mine has a worthy cause…. what would I have to do to make it happen with your Special Edition?"
                  Clay H.
                  Great product!
                    "Just great so far. Easy to use, long lasting light."
                    Cindy L.
                    Smart concept!
                      "Prompt delivery service...product is great and all who received as gifts are impressed. I really like the global community support, especially the give light, get light program😊"
                      Beverly G.
                      Great product
                        "I bought this for my elderly parents who live in Florida to use during hurricanes. It’s so easy for them to use!"
                        Diana K.
                        Great gift!
                          "Waiting to use it after the holidays as it is a stocking stuffer. Heard these lanterns are great! Especially appreciate that the company donated two to buildOn where the lanterns will be put to good use. "
                          Frank S.
                          LuminAID light
                            "I love this light!"
                            Sherri M.
                            Great product
                              "As always, Luminaid products exceed my expectation. I purchased the Pack Lite Max 2 in 1 as a back-up source for winter but I hope o use them for more fun adventures vs. for ice storm power outages!"
                              JoAnn F.
                              I just tested mine to
                                "I just tested mine to insure it was operational. The other two I will give to my sister and my niece as gifts to their families for Christmas. I will ask them to test them also. Mine worked fine but I have not extensively used it in any situation. Should they or I have any problems with these I will be in contact. Thanks."
                                Andrew A.
                                Great deal!
                                  "We love it, especially in helping someone else have light !"
                                  Sherrill G.
                                  Can’t live without it!
                                    "I LOVE the PackLite 2 in 1 phone Charger! I keep one in my car, deflated, in case of emergency and use the other one in my house. The light is easy on the eyes, if you have to get up in the nighttime, instead of using a flashlight. And being able to charge my phone with it, is brilliant. It charges in the sun faster than I thought, which is another plus. I have given one to my elderly mother too, just in case. I feel better knowing that she can charge her phone with it and reach me, if, heaven forbid, there is a true emergency. I love the handle, I love how it deflates and is easy to store and travel with, it’s super lightweight and casts a lovely glow. I’m a fan!"
                                    Lisa M.
                                    Excellent Product
                                      "I really enjoyed purchasing the LuminAid. And the main reason I do support your causes is because you're helping people from others countries without electricity😟people in need. As long I participate unassuming in this humble causes of LuminAid I will say it's a excellent product for needing people in others countries. Whatever helps others humans being in poorly countries benefit I will support it 100%. Thanks LuminAid for your intelligent products for others people in poor countries are using to see lights in the dark. C Lorenz "
                                      Christian L.
                                      Bright useful light
                                        "The light produced is very white bright. The only problem I found was it didn’t seem to work in cold temperatures outside for very long."
                                        Ann S.
                                        Wonderful light for any emergency!
                                          "This product shines brightly and provides a practical illumination It is useful For emergencies as well as for any situations where electricity is unavailable. Keep one in your car and your emergency supplies box. We even use it in the backyard when we are toasting marshmallows. Great product which also support a great cause"
                                          GAYLE S.
                                            "Love, love, love these !! I have bought several for gifts and everyone I give to loves them as well. Great when power goes out dont have to worry about batteries or flames. Great for aging parents."
                                            jayne S.
                                            A 'Natural' for a Christmas Gift
                                              "I already had one of these and decided to give my elderly landlady one as a Christmas gift. I may have to keep the other one -- just in case. :-) They're great for putting in your car's emergency kit."
                                              Susan K.
                                              Amazing Product
                                                "Great product! Very useful and durable! And can i just commend, your awesome after sales customer service! Five Stars service!"
                                                TERESA L.
                                                One for everyone
                                                  "I have not used it yet but I bought one for each of my family members to keep at their homes in case of an emergency."
                                                  Lynn G.
                                                  Great idea, great product
                                                    "Love this light! Easy to use and incredibly bright. I have bought some for family members as gifts. They love them, too! Such an ingenious idea from a couple of young entrepreneurs. "
                                                    Jill H.
                                                    re-ordered, plus got some as gifts
                                                      "Fantastic. Great product, great customer service!"
                                                      Robb S.
                                                      Just in time
                                                        "Our power in our house went out five days after Receiving the lights and they preform very well we have two PackLite max and one spectra. We love them and will buy more. "
                                                        Derrick E.
                                                          "I love your products. Blessings, Kate "
                                                          Kate M.
                                                          Amazing product
                                                            "I have lots of these lights and they are amazing. Give them for presents also everyone is always very happy.. company's service is also amazing fast shipping always answer you if there's a problem and they have lots of sales all good things ."
                                                            tom s.
                                                            I love this product
                                                              "We went to Hawaii and used it all the time, either at night for a light or during the day at the beach to charge our phones. I give them as gifts too. I saw these ladies on Shark Tank and have been a fan since. Don't buy a knock off, buy the original and support their mission to bring light to disaster areas and poverty stricken countries. "
                                                              PATRICIA D.