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LuminAID Reviews

Solar Inflatable Lanterns for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Don't take our word for it, read our customer reviews!


Great gift
    "Gave these to multiple people this season. Everybody loved"
    Tony B.
    Great product great service great shipping
      "This is a fantastic product I bought several different models and gave them as Christmas gifts and everyone was delighted. "
      Scott C.
      Started has a good gift idea, now a necessity!
        "We (my wife and I) ran across the LuminAID on an episode of 'Exploration 2050'. We then went online and seen the Christmas special for 10 LuminAID model 16, so we bought them for Christmas gifts. Last week we were at a farmers market where one of the vendors had been gifted, by us, with one of the model 16. While we were talking with the 10 vendors that were at the market we mentioned LuminAID company. The gifted vendor (Mark) ran out to his car and got his model 16 to show off to everyone. He bragged that he does a lot of spelunking and his model 16 is now required equipment. The easiest reliable light in a pitch black cave when you're trying to change batteries in your headlamp. My wife and I are extremely happy and we gifted ourselves each a model 16 for our emergency get home bags. This is the most innovative lighting device I've seen."
        Donald M.
        LuminAid hoiday gift
          "Light was great. Much brighter than I imagined."
          David F.
          Great idea
            "Like it a lot have used it to lite the back yard allowing me to save electricity and create a nice atmosphere will be great campong"
            shawn a.
            Excellent Product
              "I have given LuminAID lights as gifts. Everyone loves them and I give them as gifts because I love them also!"
              Troy L.
              It was awesome. Saw you
                "It was awesome. Saw you guys on shark tank and immediately had to have one. Plan on buying more in the future. "
                Michelle F.
                Awesome lights!
                  "We love our lamps and have made many other people happy with gifts of luminAid lights. We have used them camping, having fun at night in pools and lakeside, light for walking at night. We love all the sizes and colors. "
                  adrienne c.
                  LuminAID Lights
                    "Excellent customer service and excellent products. Would recommend to family and friends. "
                    Tommy N.
                    Awesome Product!
                      "Love my new lights!"
                      Michelle B.
                      Luminaid review
                        "These are an excellent buy. I have others to friends before and they have found them so useful for camping in France. This one will be used this weekend by another family member camping in Death Valley CA. I know it will be valued. "
                        Heather A.
                          "Gave some to my husband for his camping trip and he was impressed so I will take them with me when climbing Kilimanjaro in a couple of weeks. Also gave them as Christmas gifts. Everybody was thrilled!"
                          Chantal T.
                          great products; great support
                            "very happy with these products - very useful, wonderful gifts, and when I had one that stopped working after about 8 months of light use it was quickly replaced - I am very happy with the support"
                            Paul M.
                            Awesome Product
                              "We love the product - it exceeded expectations. It lights up brightly and the charge lasts as indicated on the packaging. The light charges with daylight (even when slightly overcast.) LOVE IT!!"
                              Brooke F.
                              Christmas Lights
                                "Have only used lights for fun so far, but have already recommended them to friends. They were great hits as Christmas presents for our adult kids!"
                                Susan H.
                                Very Excited!
                                  "These were gifts to my Son and his Fiancé who live in Colorado. They do a lot of hiking and also live "off the grid"!! So they were extremely excited to receive these for Christmas. Said they were much brighter than they thought they might be and are sure they will be getting a lot of use!!"
                                  Sherri M.
                                  Shark tank bundle
                                    "AlwYs happy. Gave them as gifts this year. As a Shelterbox Response Team member I know the products I knew who would appreciate them. Be nice to have more Luminaid/Shelterbox marketing love IMHO. "
                                    Andre B.
                                      "Excellent product"
                                      Nicole I.
                                      Amazing produce
                                        "I was fascinated by your solar light when I saw the Shark Tank presentation. My daughter was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic in an area with limited (and what was available, unreliable) electricity so she spend a lot of time in the dark. I bought these as stocking stuffers and are being used for a variety of applications: My granddaughter's in their tree house and as night lights, as an emergency "I need some light" situations and as beautiful accent lighting. Congratulations on a wonderful product that is both utilitarian and earth friendly."
                                        Belinda C.
                                        Best Gift Ever
                                          "Christmas gift for an outdoorsman -- he was awed, impressed and delighted!"
                                          Emily K.
                                          I love these lights they
                                            "I love these lights they are great!!!"
                                            Roseann W.
                                            Light for Haiti
                                              "We would highly recommend LuminAID as a place to invest your heart and money. Our church did a Big Give abs we were entrusted to do something with the money inside our envelopes. Our son wanted to do something with lights and after much researched discovered LuminAID. The organization really resonated with our hearts! We were able to use the money to help others in need as well as take the given to us and give back to Haiti again b/c we have a Missions Team going in February that will bring the light we received by our donation. God is so good!"
                                              AL &.
                                              Great product
                                                "So good I bought one for each person in my whole family."
                                                Patrick n.
                                                The Christmas gift hit of the year!
                                                  "I gave lanterns to my entire family today, so no one has used them yet, but they were a huge success. Some family members are backpackers, some live in earthquake country and will put them in their kits, some live in places where storms often knock the power out, and some said they would keep them in their cars for emergencies. I'm thrilled to have participated in your Get Light, Give Light charity and have told all my friends about the lanterns and program. I'm impressed!"
                                                  Nancy O.
                                                    "I purchased this as a Christmas gift. Disappointed there was not an option for this to be sent directly with a note and know a receipt was not included. However we love the product and purpose!"
                                                    Scott B.
                                                    Can't live without
                                                      "From the time I opened the package I've been hooked. I use this light everyday, digging around for dvds in a dark closet, pouring washer fluid in the car at night, tracking animal prints in the snow in the woods behind the house you name it, the light always seems to be there. Easy to position or hang I just think it's the coolest thing. It's funner than using a flashlight."
                                                      Jeff K.
                                                      I would have to rate LuminAid as Excellent …5 STARS!
                                                        "Excellent! I have the Shark Bundle which I keep in our house, and our grandchildren love having their own Spectra Pack Lites that they use every night as a night light. I have given 3 Shark Bundles as gifts to family and friends that hike, camp and kayak. They absolutely LOVE THEM! "
                                                        MARSHA W.
                                                        Sharing a great idea
                                                          "I gifted the lights to a very out doors family. Earlier this year they went caving and camping and mom told me of a cave her sons went into very dark. The Packlite is perfect for them. However, her husband told me" they are all his". "
                                                          Lisa M.
                                                          Love the product but have a question...
                                                            "I bought originally bought a PackLite 12 and loved it. Went on your website and the PackLite12 has been replaced by Nova. Nova appeared to have more lumins (75) and I expected it to be brighter. I like the Nova BUT it is definitely not as bright as the PL12. Why is that I've recharged both of them and don't think that is the problem. I prefer the the brighter light vs larger size. "
                                                            Jacqueline M.
                                                            Great application of simple technology
                                                              "I bought 10 to give as holiday gifts - some will be used for boating, some for car emergency kits. I kept one to use as a lantern when power goes out. "
                                                              Julie J.