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LuminAID Reviews

Solar Inflatable Lanterns for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Don't take our word for it, read our customer reviews!


Great product
    "It's easy to charge, doesn't need direct sun, just sit it next to a window.The usb charger is handy, it fully charges in a couple hours. I like the radiant light as opposed to a flashlight beam."
    Diana S.
    These people are crazy scary - EXCELLENT in the area of Customer Service Care
      "I would buy from them again; simply - BOOM, that’s because their Customer mer Service Care is extraordinarily, exceptionally excellent! It’s a bonus that their products are innovative and that they are a humanitarian company. Without a doubt, Fumy"
      Fumy S.
      Lumin better than a flashlight
        "Wonderful. It is my new flashlight. Have given some to family members and they are delighted. Will be shopping for more in the future. so glad I found Lumin AID."
        Catherine B.
        Love them!!
          "Very pleased w/my purchase. Highly recommend. "
          Carl B.
          Great Valentine’s Day Gifts
            "I think they are great for many uses. Good to have in your car, your emergency supplies, your house for power failures... They came right away and I felt good about giving some “light” as well! "
            Kristine R.
              "Love the lamp. I will by more when I get money."
              Gwendolyn P.
              Love the firefly
                "Great, Dahlia was fantastic in helping me."
                Jeannie Y.
                Fun & amazing
                  "So far we love them, the easy use, the great coverage n darkness. Thanks"
                  MILTON E.
                  Love my LuminAID!
                    "The light is very bright with multiple settings, very light weight and no fuss to charge. The handles are very convenient. Great product."
                    Therese D.
                      "Blow up Plug needs to be on the Top or Side so it can sit level on a surface"
                      M P.
                      Fun product that actually works..
                        "I have not dunked it into water but it is very practical and will be a welcome addition on my camping trips and photography work..Thx!!"
                        Colin C.
                        Terrific Product!
                          "Ordered four of the PackLite 2-in-1 Superchargers and they are terrific. Gave three as gifts and kept one for emergency use and basically a night light when needed. Would definitely purchase more. Very pleased with craftsmanship and functionality. Thank you for a great lantern and charger!"
                          Craig S.
                          Great Light PackLite Max 2 in 1 Charger
                            "I have only used this light in the house to see how it works, it was great. charged a phone from 40 percent to 86 percent in about an hour and still have two green lights of power remaining. Have used the other lights camping and they put out plenty of light for a campsite, last forever and pack down to nothing. Solar charging is a breeze. Received this light because problems with a Pack Lite Max (would not hold air) ( have three of them). The customer service was great, no long drawn out questions, just gave me a $30 coupon toward the purchase of another light of my choice. Highly recommend the light, company and customer service, all are great. Thanks "
                            David B.
                            Living outside
                              "Our experience has been very satisfactory. Now in summer we use it a lot outside in the house in barbecue or just being there. Is very helpfully when we need to find something in the dark or for cooking or doing whatever in the night. All our friends that come to our house Ask us for luminaid because has an especial design that is atractive (i believe that because it can be inflated) and has a very good luminicense. Thanks for asking!!! "
                              Renata L.
                              Let there be light
                                "It was easy to charge initially with USB, still havent tested the solar component but it is a great light"
                                Laura H.
                                Design Change Request
                                  "Love it!!! Only suggestion would be to move the air valve to the top instead on the bottom...does not sit level as designed. Thanks and hope you sell millions!!"
                                  Jerry D.
                                  I would love feedback on your recent LuminAID purchase
                                    "We purchased 6 lights and gave one to each of our 5 grown children and their families for their emergency preparedness kit. I also presented it to our recent neighborhood association meeting (about 45 people) for use in their emergency kit. Phil "
                                    Philip M.
                                    I would recommend
                                      "We love the product and your global has inspired many! :)"
                                      kristy m.
                                      So useful.
                                        "My son uses the lights for camping, my husband for surfing and my daughter takes it with her on the wheel chair in the evenings walking the dog. We gave a light to a friend who is a great recycler. He loves it. But, I had bought them thinking of emergency lights!"
                                        Gemma Y.
                                        These were gifts for college & campers in our family! They luv em!
                                          "My neice & nephew both Like them especially since they travel a lot"
                                          M S.
                                          Phenomenal product- not my first purchase and not my last!
                                            "We love all of our LuminAid lights! I bought several lights for Christmas gifts for my adult kids when the product first came out. My So Cal son loves them when camping. He also uses them on his bike rides. My Hawai’i don uses his for boar hunting. He has purchased many more for his family. My So Cal daughter uses hers for night lights with her children. We keep ours in the car for all kinds of uses. My latest purchase is for my husband when he hikes the Ca Coastal Trail. I am thrilled they are capable of charging devices! LuminAid products should be in every home!"
                                            Elizabeth F.
                                            Perfect Lite
                                              "I bought it for a gift. It was perfect for the person who has everything "
                                              Kathryn F.
                                                "The Pack.ite 2-in-1 is a valuable tool to provide light and a way to keep my phone charged during a power outage. I’m giving these lights as gifts to friends and family. I’m not interested in using the stickers on the light."
                                                Gail C.
                                                  "Since I gave these lights to my adult kids. I can't give you any real feed back. They are planning to use them this summer as they go to lakeside vacation spots. They think the phone charging capability will be very useful!"
                                                  Margaret M.
                                                  Great even in cold
                                                    "Very good. Gave lots of light. Had no problems even in -31C weather. Although when that cold I was unable to get the valve open to deflate it, but that is a minor issue that went away once it was warm again."
                                                    Ben S.
                                                    Bright world
                                                      "They were gifts so I can only guess. I think they are great and will buy again."
                                                      Patricia E.
                                                        "this product is great, tried around the house a bit and can't wait to test in the field."
                                                        Hank V.
                                                        Amazing solution !
                                                          "Worth every penny"
                                                          Janelle M.
                                                          Vert good
                                                            "This light was a gift and i was veryglad to offer it"
                                                            Lea J.
                                                            Give and get a light.
                                                              "I have been dealing with LuminAid since I saw them on Shark Tank years ago. I have always loved all the produces I have tried. My wife and I are avid backcountry camper and the produces are suited perfectly for our needs deep in the wilderness or at home in a power outage. The added benefit is giving light to someone else in dire need somewhere else in the world. Terrific program and thank you LuminAid. "
                                                              Kevin P.