Our Solar Inflatable Technology

In 2010, LuminAID Co-Founders Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta prototyped and developed the first solar inflatable light. They filed their first provisional patent in June 2010 to cover the idea of integrating a solar circuit to an inflatable shape. LuminAID now owns multiple domestic and international utility patent applications on file, some of which can be located using publicly available patent databases.

US Patent Publication # US 2012/0120642 A1

PCT Patent Publication #: WO2013165462 A1

If you are interested in learning more about our company background and story, please read our About page or check out our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in 2011 for the background information on how we started LuminAID.

We acknowledge that there are other companies selling inflatable solar lanterns. Whenever there is a unique idea, there are bound to be copies and counterfeits. LuminAID has put these companies on notice for potential infringement and will pursue legal action once our patents issue. When Andrea and Anna first developed this technology, there were no inflatable solar products on the market. It is a long process to get patents to issue, but we are fully committed to protecting our technology. This technology is designed to be high quality and high performing. Copycat products are made out of PVC (a material that is harmful to your health and the environment), cheaply made, and prone to breaking. We use the highest quality components and pay close attention to design details to make our products last. We believe that if we are putting our products in large volume into the world, they should be of the highest quality and environmentally friendly. We have a 1-Year, No-Questions-Asked Full Warranty.

If you purchased a counterfeit or copy, please email

We believe that invention, entrepreneurship, and innovation are intimately linked to the protection of intellectual property and the legal enforcement of patent protection. At LuminAID, we stand behind the originality, authenticity, integrity, and uniqueness of our products and hope our customers will join us in supporting the power of innovation through patent protection of new technologies and ideas. 

Thank you,
Anna, Andrea, and the LuminAID team