LuminAID Attends White House Maker Faire

On Wednesday, June 18, LuminAID co-founder Andrea had the honor of attending the first ever White House Maker Faire. Hosted by President Obama, the event featured Makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs of all ages and showcased the nation's latest technological and scientific advancements. LuminAID had an incredible time speaking at the event. Andrea talked about how we made the first LuminAID prototypes with handheld heat-sealers, radio shack batteries, and all different types of solar panels. By now we've re-told our story to press and media, but it's nice to revisit the time when we were students making our prototype in the kitchen, and remember where it all started. We hope to continue to have fun experimenting with ideas, making things by hand, and perhaps most importantly, affect positive change through our inventions. This was the second time LuminAID has been represented at the White House. LuminAID's founders have also been contributors to the White House Blog. You can check out their articles here and here.