LuminAID Partners with ShelterBox

LuminAID is excited to announce its new partnership with ShelterBox! ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that provides shelter and relief aid to victims of natural and other disasters. Each ShelterBox is equipped with a tent, tool kit, stove, cooking utensils, blankets, water storage and purification equipment, and other items vital for survival. Most recently, ShelterBox has been working to send aid to over 4,500 families in Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan, Lebanon, and Jordan. We are excited about this partnership, as it is our mission to have solar lighting commonly integrated into disaster relief aid through smart product design. In fact, it was organizations like ShelterBox that we had in mind when designing the LuminAID, making sure to create a light that was compact, lightweight, and easy to pack and distribute. We look forward to working with ShelterBox and expanding our disaster relief efforts. It is our goal to make sustainable lighting a reality for all, especially during crises and disasters.