LuminAID "Likes for Lights" Facebook Campaign

LuminAID is proud to announce its “Likes for Lights" Facebook campaign, lasting throughout July and August. For every 10 “likes” our Facebook page receives, 1 LuminAID light will be donated to a partner organization, to be distributed to students and families in need. LuminAID is partnering with Responsible Charity, Solar Sister, Pencils of Promise, Operation Outreach Afghanistan, Ubushobozi, and the Nepali Children’s Education Project. Each organization will be featured on certain days of the campaign, with daily “likes” corresponding to the number of lights they receive. Our goal is to reach 10,000 likes, or 1,000 donated lights, by the end of the summer. We are so excited to continue distributing lights to schools, villages, and families around the world and appreciate the continued support of our fans. Help spread the light by liking our page here!