One Year of Give Light, Get Light!

Exactly one year ago today, on November 1, 2011, we launched a  Give Light, Get Light campaign on IndieGoGo and introduced the LuminAID light! We set out to raise $10,000 to fund our first production run of lights and test the Give Light, Get Light sales model. To our surprise, we reached our goal of $10,000 in the first week and, over the course of the 40-day campaign, raised over $51,000. Customers from 25 countries purchased 1,500 lights and generously donated over 3,300 lights to Give Light partner organizations around the world. The IndieGoGo campaign has been integral in helping us test the product in different countries and contexts, grow and strengthen our Give Light partnerships, scale our manufacturing, improve the product, and build awareness for LuminAID’s mission. The donated lights from the campaign are bringing light to orphanages in Haiti and India. Students are using the lights in rural Laos, Tanzania, and India to study at night. The LuminAID lights are being distributed by women entrepreneurs in Uganda and are being used in a vocational training school in Rwanda to help women learn to sew. There is even a young girl named Zemene who is distributing lights to her family and friends in her village in Ethiopia. We are incredibly grateful for all of our customers who made these projects possible and all our Give Light Partners for helping to facilitate these projects on the ground. The image above is a  very small sampling of the Give Light Projects from this past year. In May, we launched the e-commerce portion of our website to start selling the LuminAID light online. We have sold out of lights twice since launching the site! We are continuing to grow with international distributors, partnerships, and other sales and are looking forward to this coming year. We have a few exciting partnerships to announce soon and another Give Light Holiday Campaign that will run throughout November and December. We would like to thank everyone out there who has shown so much early support for the product and mission. We are grateful for your help in launching the product, growing the company, and implementing Give Light Projects around the world. Thank you! Andrea, Anna & LuminAID Team